Logistics in 2020

Logistics in 2020
There are a lot of logistics issues to be surmounted in 2020, as Europe faces a Brexit downturn and the U.S. and China are engaged in a trade war.  At the same time, technology is changing rapidly to help meet existing and new challenges.  A new article in Transmetrics illuminates how autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, sustainability and increasing investment by VCs are changing the industry quickly.
OFC Inc. is poised to take the next step with technological changes, as well as by the time-proven techniques of persistence, hard work and building relationship equity.  It is plain to us that a company can neither be resistant to change nor ignore the blocking and tackling in order to be successful.  We still have to deliver the best service and deliver on time.   That is our commitment, from Atlanta to Sochi to Rio to Milwaukee.


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