A Brief History of OFC Inc.

A Brief History of OFC Inc.

Darrell Collins and Bruce Talley have worked on large scale events in 4 continents (Asia, Europe, North and South America) and in countries as diverse as Russia, Brazil, Canada, Korea and the U.S.

Events have included Winter and Summer Olympic Games (Atlanta, Vancouver, Sochi, Rio de Janeiro, Korea), political conventions (Philadelphia), disasters (Hurricane Katrina), music festivals (Fasten Fest) and others.  Services covered include logistics, both long and short-term accommodation, transportation, construction management and buildout, warehouse management, laundry, interpreters, entertainment, equipment procurement and rental, TV studios and buildout, sponsor venues, accreditation and security, permitting and many others.
Each project has its own difficulties.  Capacity, resources and time are always issues and we understand those, particularly when large-scale events must go off on-time and without a hitch or when lives hang in the balance, such as after a major disaster.
Scaling mountains is an overused metaphor in the world of logistics and events, but it is appropriate.  If a project is to be completed and the customer is happy with the results, a great deal of preparation must be done.  Moving parts must be watched, contingencies accounted for and worst-case scenarios assumed.  Darrell’s background in construction and logistics for large-scale events and disasters prepared him to handle multiple projects simultaneously and Bruce’s history of working major events with dozens of contracts and deadlines has shown his ability to make sure the balls all stay in the air (another overused metaphor!).

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