Meet the Team

Senior Leadership

Darrell Collins (CEO)

Darrell Collins is an experienced professional with over 30 years of experience in operations, construction and logistics management. Collins career began with C&C Construction, the family business founded by his father, Cecil Collins, and one of Seattle’s largest minority-owned construction companies. Darrell served as Vice President and Project Manager, managing multiple projects and multi-million-dollar budgets.

During his tenure at C&C, Collins became involved in special event management when he was asked to serve as Logistics Warehouse Manager at the Goodwill Games. Because of his reputation and understanding of the operational requirements of multi-venue events, Collins was asked to serve as Program Manager for Logistics Operations for the Atlanta Summer Games. Still integrally involved with C&C, Collins continued his involvement in international sporting events such as the World University Games, Pan Am Games, World Cup Soccer, and the Olympics.

Collins assumed control of C&C Construction after his father retired and expanded its focus to include operations, finance, and conceptual design, and the company became OFC, Inc. OFC, Inc. still specializes in construction management; however, the operational division of the company has expanded. OFC now provides program planning and operations management, venue planning and operations, accreditation, access control, security and inventory planning, asset control, warehousing, and database management. OFC Inc.’s team develops creative and effective solutions to meet client needs in both private and government sectors and is able to provide personalized services for any sized event, project, conference, or function.

OFC, Inc. is certified as a minority-owned business in Washington State and carries an 8(a) certification from the Small Business Administration. Now, OFC, Inc. has graduated from the SBA program.

Darrell’s Projects

Bruce Talley (COO)

Bruce worked in investment banking in southern California, rising to First Vice President and Sales Manager due to success selling bond issues to high net worth individuals and loan participations to commercial banks.

Later, Bruce saw value in land ownership in southern Russia, where he very profitably bought and sold commercial land. In 2010, he recognized the opportunity to build an event/destination management company in Sochi to provide services for companies arriving in advance of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Founding Destination Sochi, Bruce generated business by narrating a video channel and writing a newsletter and other content. Destination Sochi provided long-term workforce relocation (with financial management), transportation, TV studios, venues, interpreters, entertainment, catering, and other services. Customers included Atos, Avaya, Volkswagen, Adidas, CBS, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Sports Marketing, the USOC, Audi, TV2 Norway, NRK Norway and others. Destination Sochi was recognized as the largest firm of its kind in Sochi and included a staff of 61.

Bruce was encouraged by customers to operate in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Games. So, he moved his team to Brazil to and again supported Olympic broadcasters, sponsors, and partners In both countries, there are operational challenges, with constant scrutiny by tax, banking, and other authorities. However, he prides himself on solving the most difficult challenges.

Returning to the U.S. he has provided consulting on startup management and events management. Clients include a food by-products processing company, a start-up clothing retailer, and Fasten, a Russian-financed ride-sharing company.

Bruce’s Projects

Team Members

Eugene Holley (Human Resources Manager)

Eugene is responsible for the administration of all management functions of the company including strategic planning, marketing, fiscal management, human resources, and contract execution and management. He oversees all staff development and handles the hiring of new staff members and external contractors. Eugene maintains continual contact with all company departments to ensure the needs of the company, as well as each project, are being met at a professional level.

Nickolas Fullen-Collins (Venue Operations Manager)

Nickolas Fullen-Collins is an industrious multitasker who has diverse experience in venue and logistic operations, as well as a background in film/tv production. He knows how vital each step in the sales, management, coordination, billing, and reporting process can be in determining the client’s satisfaction with their event, and the overall profitability of the relationship. Nick oversees all venue personnel as well as coordinates all aspects of the operation of each project venue.

Lauren Terbasket (Project Manager)

Lauren primarily handles day to day logistics and venue operations. She is responsible for the development of the project approach and plan, and delivering the project on time, within budget, and to OFC’s high-quality standards. She is in constant contact with procurement and warehouse operations to ensure correct venue and logistical needs. Lauren has extensive administrative and negotiating experience, and has worked in the non-profit sector for over 14 years in administration, communications, and coordination.

Shaphan Collins (Procurement Manager)

Shaphan is responsible for maintaining vendor relationships, and purchasing all equipment, supplies & services for OFC, and each company project, as needed. He works well with maintaining project integrity through a purchasing environment. Shaphan has strong presentation, negotiation, and transactional skills. He is analytical and adept at identifying problems and creating and implementing viable solutions.

Terri Goo (Travel and Hospitality Manager)

Terri is responsible for event planning, management, and execution of OFC hospitality events. She handles all travel and housing for OFC’s staff members and external contractors. Terri has an excellent ability to communicate effectively and professionally. She is a very detail-oriented multitasker with strong memorization skills and is adept at negotiating the best costs based on budgetary guidelines.